Makya is the first user friendly SaaS platform for AI-driven de novo drug design focused on Multi-Parametric Optimization (MPO).

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AutoML icon

Auto machine learning technology

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Generative design with Reinforcement learning

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AI-driven synthetic accessibility scoring

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Makya automatically proposes new molecules for your lead optimization project in a few hours!

In just a few clicks, access the power of AI through Makya’s user friendly interface:

Upload icon 1.

Upload your project data

Target profile icon 2.

Define your target product profile

Review icon 3.

Review, assess and select the ideas designed by Makya's AI engine

Any concerns regarding the synthetic accessibility of the proposed compounds? Don’t worry!

Makya is connected to Spaya, our AI-driven synthetic planning technology.

All promising ideas proposed by Makya are scored by Spaya to make sure you will be able to easily synthesize your next target compound.

Discover Spaya

Computer display showing an integration diagram between makya and spaya
Computer display showing an abstract view of Python code

You are a tech lover and you prefer lines of codes rather than a fancy UI?

Makya can be operated in Python and can be easily interfaced within your existing in-house machine learning workflows. We call Makya’s Python UI “Kaya”.

Computer display showing an abstract view of Python code

And what about Makya’s infrastructure?

Makya is accessible as a SaaS platform running in Iktos’ private infrastructure, it can also easily be deployed in your virtual private cloud (AWS, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure) or on your premises.

Cloud representation with the three main providers, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud's GCP and Microsoft Azure
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Who’s behind Makya?

We are Iktos. A start-up company specializing in the development of proprietary artificial intelligence technologies and software for ligand-based and structure-based de novo drug design focusing on multi parametric optimization.

Our de novo design algorithm is based on deep generative models with reinforcement learning. It designs novel and easy to make compounds, optimized to meet a given multi-objective blueprint, with unprecedented speed, performance, and diversity.

Learn more about Iktos

Picture of various work environments and teams

This is how easy it is to use Makya

  • Upload your project data
    Screenshot of the dataset upload page in makya
  • Define your target product profile to launch the AutoML module
    Screenshot of the predictors setup page in makya
  • Configure your generator
    Screenshot of the generators setup page in makya
  • Explore Makya's designs
    Screenshot of the generators results page with the parallel coordinates in makya
  • Compare Makya's propositions with your initial molecules
    Screenshot of the details of a generated molecule in makya
  • Make your selection
    Screenshot of the generators list page with some molecules selected in makya

Interested in evaluating Makya?

If, like Merck, Pfizer, Alkermes, Lundbeck, to mention just a few, you are interested to run Makya (or Kaya) on your project data, or to see a live demo, please let us know.

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